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  Letter from Pastor Mark          

  Church Family,

  These last two Sundays have been wonderful as we worshipped together. It has been
  such an encouragement to me, and I know that it has been for you. Although the past two
  Sundays have been encouraging, we must not forget that there are still a few families and
  individuals who, for their health safety, have chosen to stay on safe-at-home quarantine.
  I ask that you please continue to reach out to them with phone calls, cards, texts, etc.
  Everyone needs love. Everyone needs encouragement. Thank you in advance for
  continuing to minister to one another.

  As of this past Friday, June 5, 2020, we will be moving into Phase II.
  Our Phase II processes are as follows:
        Entering and exiting the facilities will continue as we have been doing.
        We will continue to maintain the six-foot social distancing.
        We move from 25% of capacity to 50% of capacity.
        Our corporate worship format will remain the same. Worship services will
          still be posted to our website, YouTube, and Facebook for those unable to
          attend in person.
        We are excited to announce that beginning next Sunday, June 14th, two
          Small Group/Sunday School class options will be starting:
                1. Edwin Newman will be teaching a Topical Bible study in the North
                   Foyer while continuing to maintain the six-foot social distancing measures.
                2. A rotation of teachers will be teaching a Bible Book study in the
                   Sanctuary while maintaining the six-foot social distancing measures.
                   Everyone participating in this new class will need to sit where they plan to
                   sit during corporate worship.  (All Preschool, Children, and Youth are encouraged to                         take advantage of this opportunity to sit and participate with their parent/family                             group.)
         We will continue to have Wednesday evening Bible study as we have been
           doing, through our website, YouTube, and Facebook.
         Choir and choir rehearsals will resume when we no longer have to maintain
           six-foot social distancing.

  Time Change to begin next Sunday: The two Sunday School/Small Groups will be
  from 10:00 A.M.-10:50 A.M. with a 10-minute break. Worship will begin at 11:00 A.M.

 Serving the LORD and You with Gladness,

 Pastor Mark
 Did you miss Wednesday Bible study? Pick up a   Prayer List from the back table in the Sanctuary so   you can pray for the cares, concerns, and   celebrations of our church family. We will also be   sending our Prayer List out by email to those who   wish to receive it. Please call the church office at   (985) 542-4057 or email to get on the email   list.   
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